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Emilymax Music


Emilymax is an unique music centre promoting Chinese musical instruments and providing culture events for local communities and schools. We helped schools to set up their Chinese music ensemble.

Our goal is not only to provide the way for our generations to keep in touch with Chinese music and tea culture but also create a dialogue between East and West.

Guzheng made in Taiwan


Our workshop in Taiwan have been making Chinese traditional instruments: Guzheng/ Koto (Chinese Zither) since 1972. We use the traditional carving method and nature drying wood process to produce Guzheng. 

Butter Fly and Blue (Guzheng & Guitar)
《蝴蝶與藍》(古箏與吉他) - 蘭馨箏樂團
Virtue Instruments


We are not only making Chinese instruments but also work closely with composer and participating the development for virtue instruments

Guzheng Trio 古箏三重奏
Mei Lin
Good Music,  Good Tea,  Good Life


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