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Class Fee         上課費用


General Class, 10 classes for $500 (half hour)

Advanced Class (above grade 3), 10 classes for $750 (45 minutes)  

Erhu / Dizi / Pipa  

Beginner/Senior Class, 10 classes for $400 (half hour) 

General Class, 10 classes for $500 (half hour)           

Advanced Class (above grade 3), 10 classes for $750 (45 minutes) 


Piano / Violin / Clarinet / Saxophone / Flute / Drum / Cajon / Double Bass

General Class, 10 classes for $500 (half hour)

Advanced Class (above grade 3), 10 classes for $750 (45 minutes)                                             


初級/長青班,10堂課 $400 (每堂半小時)

普級班,10堂課 $500 (堂半小時)

進階班,10堂課 $750 (每堂45分鐘)


普級班,10堂課 $500 (每堂半小時)

進階班,10堂課 $750 (每堂45分鐘)

Piano 鋼琴

We have very experienced piano teacher to teach kids especially for age 4 to 6 years old. Most kids start with our Music for Fun class then continue to Piano. In addition, we have modern piano class for adults who can easily to play by reading numbers instead of scores.

Piano Accompany 鋼琴伴奏

Our piano teachers can accompany for AMEB exams.

Preliminary to Grade 4  for $60 an hour

Grade 5 to Grade 6 for $70 an hour

Grade 7 to Grade 8 for $80 ~ 90 an hour

$80 on exam day

Violin 小提琴

Violin is the most popular instruments not only at school but also in the shop. Easy to carry and to start as the first instrument. It is suitable for kids as young as 4 years old. We have experienced teacher to help students in school ensembles or AMEB exams.

Clarinet 黑管

Clarinet is a popular instrument in a band. It is a woodwind instrument with a single-reed mouthpiece, a cylindrical tube with a flared end, and holes stopped by keys.

Flute 長笛

Flute is a delicate instruments which requires to build up face & lip muscles to make good sound. It is suggested to start from 8 years old.

Drum 爵士鼓

We use Roland V-Drum in the class to combine back ground music for kids to play with.

It's easy to start with and very helpful to build up kids' rhythm.

Saxophone 薩克斯風

Our Saxophone teacher is also a professional saxophone repair. He makes sure students are actively learning and enjoying their music experience. He is passionate about making sure they have good instrument maintenance.

Double Bass

Guzheng 古箏

Guzheng is also known as a Chinese Zither. It is the easiest Chinese instrument to learn and is as popular as piano in Asia. The modern Guzheng commonly has 21 strings, a plucked string instrument, about 1.6 meter long and is tuned in a major pentatonic scale.

Erhu 二胡

Erhu is Chinese violin. It is a two-stringed bowed instrument with python skin vibrating with wooden box. Many of our students who learned violin also learn Erhu because the similarity of it's nature.

Pipa 琵琶

Pipa is known as Chinese Guitar or Chinese Lute. It is a four-stringed plucked instrument, wooden body with varying numbers of frets. It is easy to carry around but has great dynamic fingering expression not less than Guzheng.

Room Hire & Instruments Hire

We offer room hire for our students to practice instruments in the shop.

For outside students, the room hire rate is $50 per hour or $400 for 10 sessions. 

Booking is essential.

We also provide instruments hire for our students: 

  • Guzheng

  • Erhu

  • Violin

  • Saxophone

  • Flute


Security Deposit is required for hiring the instruments. Generally maximum up to three months lease. There is a bundle option to purchase the instrument after the period of hiring. Please contact us for more details.

Instrument Service 維修服務

We wish our customers and students to treasure their instruments.

We provide instrument service for the following instruments:

(Parts costs will be advised separately)

  • Guzheng from $80

    • Replace strings 

    • Tuning​ & Set up

  • Erhu from $50

    • Tuning & Set up​

    • Replace strings

  • Flute

    • General service​ from $95

    • Repair

  • Saxophone/Clarinet

    • General service from $95

    • Repair​

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